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By Richard Wittmann

I'm a software developer in the high desert in Quartz Hill, California. I have a water basin behind my house for catching water runoff. During the spring and early summer it has a lot of frogs and they end up getting into my pool and I have to "save" them.

The idea of the game started about two years ago. When my son, Zach, came home for the summer from college, he couldn't find a job. We went out to breakfast one morning and were discussing this when I brought up that we could make the game together.  

He had learned how to use the graphics tools in high school and I knew he could do it. I wasn't as good with graphics but I program for a living and knew that I could handle the coding. Together we worked hard for many months to complete the game but it is never done. 

I already have ideas for more games, completely different styles, and my son wants to build a game of his own. Currently, we are working on Z-Hero: The Sacred Sword, a Zelda style action, adventure game. 

I hope you enjoy our games and keep in touch, 

Richard Wittmann

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  • “This is a fun game for kids and adults alike. You need to prevent your frogs from escaping and it an get REALLY hard. I like the new frogs you can earn every so many levels. Really cool. Recommend!”
    iPhone User
  • “Cool game. Lots of fun and entertaining.”

    Ralph Mac
    Android User
  • “My daughter really enjoys this game. She is five and can play it by herself and entertain herself for an hour.”

    Amazon Customer
  • “This game is for kids, but it's challenging enough for adults as well. I was surprised at how many frogs got away from me! LOL”

    iPhone User